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Our Waters

Purely natural

The waters of Top Bronnen are filtered by nature during a journey of hundreds of kilometres through the cleansing, calcium-free sand layers of the Flemish Ardennes. Throughout history, fault lines have appeared in the earth around Brakel: the source water came to the surface naturally, and there is also plenty of mineral water in the deeper layers.

Deliciously healthy

Top water does not just quench your thirst. Thanks to a balanced mineral content and the balanced, natural composition, our waters are also good for your health and well-being. Water is essential for the proper functioning of your organs, it’s good for your figure, it keeps your skin and hair in Top condition and it increases concentration and productivity.


Light mineral content

The Top Bronnen source water has a light mineral content. That means you can drink as much as you want. Every mineral has its own function. Calcium makes your bones stronger, magnesium keeps your muscles supple, chloride and sodium ensure a good water balance, while potassium and sodium maintain your mineral balance. Top source water contains just a small dose of nitrate and fluorine, which means it’s also perfectly fine to drink for pregnant women.

Source water

  • originates from underground mining
  • directly drinkable without any treatment
  • composition can vary slightly due to seasons or the temperature

Mineral water

  • originates from the deeper layers in the soil
  • constant, stable composition
  • naturally enriched with minerals
  • recognised by the FPS Public Health (FOD)
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