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History Top Bronnen

When a factory owner from Brakel saw wealthy people in Ostend drinking bottled water on their yachts, he thought of the spring above his house. He had the water analysed: it turned out to be astoundingly pure. He had it bottled and the first bottles of mineral water were a Top hit on the coast. The rest is history.


  • 18th Century

    The springs in Nederbrakel were known for their wholesome powers. Doctors regularly prescribed a treatment with water from Brakel.

  • 1906

    Founding of Top Bronnen ltd. Between WWI and WWII, Top Bronnen was the largest bottler of mineral water in Belgium and also the first to introduce sparkling water.

  • 1986

    Top Bronnen ltd was integrated into the Inex group with a new bottling plant for drinking water and sodas, including state-of-the-art filling lines for glass and plastic bottles.

  • 1993

    Takeover of the firm
    Koningsbronnen by the Inex groep.

  • 2005

    Installation of a fully automated filling line for plastic bottles of 0.5 l and 1.5 l (capacity: 24,000 bottles/hour). 

  • 2011

    Installation of a new, second filling line for plastic bottles of 0.5 l (capacity: 20,000 bottles/hour).

  • 2014

    Top Bronnen ltd continues independently.

  • 2015

    Installation of a new filling line for 
    Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 125 ml packaging.
    2500 m² expansion of the storage halls.

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